Malachite helps you make your own luck this St. Patrick's Day - Jada Jo
Malachite helps you make your own luck this St. Patrick's Day

Malachite helps you make your own luck this St. Patrick's Day

March 15, 2019

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon and the first day of spring waiting in the wings, I’m thinking a lot about luck, renewal, and new growth. Seasonal changes always offer an opportunity for personal reflection, but spring brings a special sort of energy. All around us, nature awakes from winter complacency, and brings new opportunities for beauty. Celebrating a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day that highlights luck calls for gemstones that harness the energy of spring.

renewal spring

Malachite highlights the beauty of spring

A burst of green across nature is one of the most potent signs of spring. Malachite echoes the color of spring with its vibrant shade of green. Sometimes called “the transformer,” malachite offers its wearers the powers of growth and progress, the perfect gemstone for a time of year when you're looking to make changes in your life.

Malachite stimulates your heart and crown chakras

St. Patrick's Day revelers can keep their pot of gold, because malachite works with your heart and crown chakras to open your life up to positive changes. Wearing malachite near your heart opens the chakra to deeper love, a healing emotion that facilitates growth as you leave behind that which does not serve you. The positive energy you welcome into your life with malachite bestows you with the power to make progress in your own life—without depending on something as simple as luck. 

Wear malachite daily to neutralize toxicity in your life

Malachite also works powerfully with your crown chakra, giving you the clarity to let go of negative thought patterns. Unhealthy thoughts bog down your opportunity to make changes in your life, and malachite helps to prune those thoughts and leave verdant, fresh ground in their place. New growth emerges from those places, leading you into a positive, powerful mindset, ready to accomplish any goal you might set for yourself. 

Find malachite pieces in the Jada Jo Collection

I love the way malachite pops against other stones. The variations in color add to the stone's natural beauty, making each piece unique. I created the Heart and Mind Malachite Amethyst Necklace as a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Malachite and amethyst frame a Tibetan calendar amulet. Keeping malachite near your heart keeps your chakras open to strong, positive decision making. 

malachite necklace heart chakra

If you prefer a more understated piece that lets you wear malachite daily, the Protector Malachite Gold Bracelet combine malachite with a Nepalese bead to expand your mind. The bracelet can be customized for your wrist side to make it most comfortable for daily wear. 

Be open to seasonal changes in your life

While many of us welcome spring, the thought of leaving behind the comforts of the past can be daunting. Allow the seasonal changes to lead you into a space where you can transform your life, even in small, beautiful ways. 

Do you believe in finding luck or creating your own?

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