Meet Gracia: Introducing an integral team member at Jada Jo Jewelry

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Meet Gracia: Introducing an integral team member at Jada Jo Jewelry

Meet Gracia: Introducing an integral team member at Jada Jo Jewelry

January 13, 2020

The evolution of Jada Jo Jewelry seems surreal some days as my dreams have become a reality!  When I took the leap to focus on jewelry design and creation, I wasn't sure how Jada Jo Jewelry would look as I undertook entrepreneurship. Now, my team is growing, and I am thrilled to introduce Gracia as an integral part of the Jada Jo family. I wanted to give her the chance to introduce herself to you in her own lovely words. 

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Where are you from?

I am originally from Beirut, Lebanon. I came to the United States in 1993. My immediate focus was on adjusting and adapting to this new environment that was very different than where I lived and grew up.

When did you start designing jewelry?

Having worked in luxury retail, I grew to love and appreciate beautiful jewelry and accessories, so I made my design beginning in 1997. That is when I learned the stringing and wire wrapping techniques.

What are some of the various techniques you use?

I use silk threads to make beautiful knots when I string pearls and stones, and I do wire wrapping and chain work. Metal work is my next goal in learning new techniques.

As you have worked with many designers over the years, what have been some of your proudest moments?

I have been personally recognized by a New York executive from the Mikimoto company for a job well done on redesigning an expensive multi-strand necklace for their good client.

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How did you meet Jada?

I got a call from Jada back in November 2018, after she found me on Yelp as she was searching for a bead stringer. We had a great first conversation and shortly after that we met in person. At our first meeting we discussed many aspects of the techniques to be used on her beautiful jewelry collection, and I started working with her almost right away.

How do you feel your global background impact your contribution to Jada Jo?

Having lived in Stockholm and Gothenburg, I learned to appreciate style simplicity. However, being Middle Eastern, I have an affinity for the elaborate style of that world. When working with Jada, I aim to bring in an elegant style balance of those 2 worlds: a Middle East meets West kind of fusion.

Earrings! Are you excited about the launch of not only a new collection but product?

Very much so. Earrings are an essential element to a woman’s overall look, and they make an amazing statement. I am looking forward to the birth of this new collection and product.

What's coming up for Jada Jo Jewelry

Thank you to Gracia for sharing her journey to becoming part of our team. I'm ecstatic to add earrings to the Jada Jo Jewelry collection. As I've met and talked with members of the community, I've come to realize earrings will be a welcome addition to our current pieces.

I'm in Bali through the month of January sourcing materials and designing a new collection! Stay tuned for more updates about our newest line and what I'm learning on my travels. As for Gracia, she assisted in a Valentines necklace and bracelet set, which will be released in the next week.

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