Merry and Bright: Best jewelry gift guide from Jada Jo
Merry and Bright: Best jewelry gift guide from Jada Jo

Merry and Bright: Best jewelry gift guide from Jada Jo

November 16, 2020

Shopping for holiday gifts brings me joy. Thinking about my friends and family and putting together a puzzle of what they'll love while working within my budget allows me the time to reflect on the relationships and people I value. Even though I love doing it, some years I find myself unsure about where to start, and I turn to gift guides every time. Curating a gift guide for the Jada Jo community helped get me into the holiday spirit this year, and I hope you find some options that work for your holiday giving!

jewelry gift guide

Introducing the Jada Jo Gift Guide

Though the Gift Guide came into being on the cusp of the holiday season, I believe it's relevant for any special occasion — not just the holidays. Some of my favorite gifts, to be honest, have been ones I've given (and gotten!) when I least expected it. So if you see something that catches your eye, remember you don't need to wait for a holiday to surprise someone you love. 

Timely gifts for 2020

Back when I began Jada Jo Jewelry, I never would have imagined one of my favorite go-to gifts for this year — a face mask chain! Now that mask wearing appears to be the norm, at least for a little while, the mask chain makes sure you don't drop it or lose it when you've taken it off in your car or while running back in the house for a moment. My favorite part about the chains — especially the Sapphire Face Mask Chain — is they can be worn as a necklace as well, simply by fastening the ends to each other instead of your mask. 


Gifts for her

Whether you come into the gift guide with an idea about what you want or a completely open mind, I'm sure you'll find something that works. When I'm gifting jewelry for women, I like to do a little sleuthing before choosing. I look at jewelry or accessories like handbags and sunglasses and try to match their style. For a friend that wears statement pieces, something like the Black Jewel Druzy Gold Necklace is a favorite — the stones are the perfect combination of intuitiveness and grounding.

men's bracelet

Gifts for him

Buying jewelry for men can feel a little more complicated, especially if the men you know aren't big on wearing a variety of jewelry. I always find starting with a simple bracelet can be a gateway into larger, statement pieces like the How Onyx Buddha Necklace. The Closer Bracelet is perfect if you celebrate Christmas. Inspired by Nine Inch Nails' icon song, Closer, the Red Tiger's Eye stones help increase confidence. 










Gifts for your (California!) favorite sports fans

It might be an understatement to say 2020 had its challenges. Still, especially for California sports fans, there were moments of brightness, too. Gift your favorite sports fan with a Lakers or Dodgers bracelet to commemorate their respective NBA Championship and World Series Championship. The Lakers Bracelet is crafted from purple amethyst, yellow jade, and black agate. The Dodgers White Howlite Bracelet is shown, but there is also a Blue Lapis version for those who truly bleed Dodgers blue.

Gifts under $75

We all love to splurge on the people we love, but budgeting is a form of self-care, too. Some of my favorite gifts to give aren't extravagant showstoppers but everyday pieces. Gemstone jewelry can be worn consistently and be a reminder of the gift-giver. Gifting the Earth Malachite Lapis Earrings gives the wearer the healing properties of lapis and malachite, which foster serenity and healing. We all need a little more serenity as this year draws to a close! 

Please remember Jada Jo Jewelry would love to work with you to create a custom piece if you have something in mind you don't see in the gift guide or on our site!  

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