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Jada Jo supporting the fight against human trafficking

Organizations to recognize during World Day Against Human Trafficking

July 18, 2019

One of the causes most dear to me remains the fight against human trafficking. When I made the decision to donate a portion of my proceeds to various charities, I knew immediately I would seek out an organization devoted to helping victims and survivors of the horror of human trafficking. As we near World Day Against Human Trafficking, which occurs on July 30, I wanted to highlight two organizations doing important work to fight against human trafficking. 

fighting human trafficking

photo courtesy of Agape International Missions

Revisiting Jada Jo Jewelry's support for Love 146

I wrote about Love 146 extensively earlier this year, during National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. My passionate support for the organization stems from the multi-tiered approach they use. Awareness for any cause matters so much, but attention can only go so far without advocacy and further action. I believe in Love 146, in large part, because so much of their work happens as they help survivors find their way back into the world. 

Supporting Agape International Missions

Another organization fighting against human trafficking operates jointly between California and Cambodia. Agape International Missions, or AIM, focuses on a holistic strategy that encompasses twelve different programs to truly fight against and rehabilitate those affected by the trade in human lives. I appreciate the way they're working with over 300 Cambodians on their staff to combat sex trafficking happening there. 

This short video highlights some of the important work being done through AIM.

Vetting charities personally and professionally

The number of charities supporting the fight against human trafficking seems overwhelming at time—and it grows all the time. Places like Charity Navigator help vet charities—AIM is a 4 star charity per their rating—which is helpful when beginning to figure out who I'd like to support.With any cause that matters to me, I try to be mindful about finding organizations I can trust, not only from an ethical and professional standpoint, but in a way that aligns with my philosophy on philanthropy. 

The one thing I love about both Love 146 and AIM is that they are A to Z foundations. They believe in recover, rehabilitation, education, and reintroduction to society. The survivors have often been taken from their communities and have no family or anywhere to go. Both Love 146 and AIM do more than just offer freedom to the people they help recover; they also offer them a life. 

What charity aligns most closely with your philanthropic beliefs at the moment? 

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