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Shining a Light on Mental Health

Shining a Light on Mental Health

May 29, 2019

The causes I champion may not always seem to be connected, but I consistently search out ways to highlight issues that affect me in meaningful ways, whether through injustices I've seen or experiences I've had. During May, which is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, I feel personally connected to the issues surrounding the conversation about mental health.  Most recently Kit Harington is confronting his issues, and I am wishing him and many others the best on their journey to find peace within.

Even successful people struggle with mental health issues

I've been working on a men's line (more on that next week!), which means I've been pouring over images and stories of some men I find admirable and iconic. I found a lot of inspiration among music icons, both past and present, which led me down a bittersweet rabbit hole. Like so many people, many of the musicians that speak to my soul found themselves entrenched in addiction—and many of them weren't able to climb out of that downward spiral. 

mental health awareness and musicares

Bringing attention to MusiCares

As I worked on my men's line, I felt compelled to bring attention to an organization fighting against mental health issues, including suicide and addiction, in the music community. MusiCares strives to provide a safe space for those in the music industry facing their own inner demons. They work diligently to provide assistance in all areas, including financial, medical, and personal emergencies, and I have so much admiration for their work. I love seeing musicians meld together their passion for music with their passion for advocacy. 

step up mental health charities los angeles

Jada Jo Jewelry partners with Step Up 

Mental health, addiction, and homelessness tangle together all too often. Addiction and mental health are the leading causes of homelessness, and unfortunately Los Angeles has the second largest homeless population in the United States. I drive through Skid Row several times a month and am reminded of how grave mental health issues are in my backyard.
For the men’s collection, 10% of the net proceeds will go to Step Up, which is a Santa Monica based non-profit providing housing, mental services, and vocational training for people afflicted with homelessness, mental health issues, and/or addiction. They have 9 facilities in Los Angeles and are expanding to the OC. Partnering with Step Up feels like a positive way to bring financial and word-of-mouth support to a local organization doing so much good for an community in need. 

Making connections, both personal and professional, helps both ground me and inspire me to reach higher in all areas of my life. Hopefully, by seeing the good being done by organizations like Step Up and MusiCares, you'll find yourself asking how you can help make a difference, too. 

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