Spotlight On: Custom design work from Jada Jo
Spotlight On: Custom design work from Jada Jo

Spotlight On: Custom design work from Jada Jo

September 10, 2020

Designing jewelry never feels like a singular process. I draw on various moments in my life, images, or experiences when I design, and working with a connected group of creative individuals means inspiration flows like water through our team.

Custom designs from Jada Jo Jewelry

Custom design pieces, though, take on a whole other dimension of input. At Jada Jo, custom pieces tend to lodge themselves in our hearts and consciousness, because they're created especially for someone. Working closely with a client to tease out what they're envisioning or desiring will always be one of my favorite parts of what we do here, because the finished product represents a labor of love, thought, and shared inspiration. We've designed over 30 custom pieces since beginning Jada Jo Jewelry, and I wanted to share a little with the community about how that looks and unfolds.

custom design jewelry

The process behind a custom design piece

I wanted to talk a little about the process that goes into a custom design. The above photo showcases a unique piece designed around a specific item chosen by a client. This client chose the detailed, blue buddha and we designed the piece completely around the pendant.

She was specific in wanting labradorite stones. Labradorite stones shine with a particular color play called labradorescence, and they coax out one's innate magical instincts, particularly surrounding intuition. It also detoxifies and guards against negative impulses. In addition, she wanted the option of wearing the piece long or doubled into a shorter necklace. We celebrated this piece — and I'm still thrilled with it as I look back on the photos. 

Custom pieces are perfect for celebrations

As one client looked forward to a 30th anniversary, we worked to design a necklace honoring the many years celebrated together. The stones were in order, representing their anniversary date. In addition, the necklace featured rubies, as it was representative of their anniversary.  

We designed another anniversary piece for a client celebrating a 5th anniversary. We grouped all stones in the necklace in groups of five and chose lapis, which is a representative stone of love and communication.

Birthstones offer their own sort of inspiration, like the necklace we designed for an expectant mother. We designed the piece around the baby's birthstone — a beautiful, deep sapphire.

Custom pieces designed by concept

Jada Jo feels grateful to design custom pieces for an on-going client. Likemind came to be through the concept of making learning fun, through shifting perspectives and using storytelling blended with science to truly create art. Jada Jo has designed jewelry for each of their four values: radical connection, insatiable curiosity, intentional intrepidness, and infectious optimism. The stones chosen represent the value, and we designed four pieces for each value.

Jada Jo designs pieces just for fun 

"Just because" pieces can be a creative adventure, too. Some clients want a certain piece based on something they love. These pieces often turn out to be some of our most endearing, because they're born out of whimsy and a personal passion. 

I'd love to design something for you! Contact us to discuss a custom design jewelry piece. 

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