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Stone Clearing: Why you need to

Stone Clearing: Why you need to "spring clean" your gemstones

April 01, 2020

Plants need tending and watering to stay alive and blooming — and gemstones have similar needs. Both plants and gemstones absorb and give off energy, so taking care of your gemstones allows their properties to express themselves most clearly. To bring them to their full potential to utilize their healing properties there are recommended ways to clean gemstones and crystals.  

clearing gemstones

When to clear your gemstones

Purifying gemstones and crystals goes by many terminologies: cleaning, clearing, charging, cleansing. They all mean the same thing, but I think of it as clearing in my head. The process allows the stones to work in the way the earth intended, clearing out noise and negativity.

The ideal time for clearing is a Full Moon or a New Moon, because the moonlight's strength is at its height. If you miss the full or new moons, don't despair. You can clear your stones anytime during the lunar cycle and still reap the benefits. My first choice is to cleanse them during the Full Moon. I am also deeply attracted to sunlight, so I keep them out until mid-morning to receive and absorb the energy of the sunlight as well.

How to clear your gemstones or crystals

  1. Rinse your gemstones. Some stones are not compatible with water, so please do a quick online search if you're not sure. (Labradorite, lapis lazuli, and selenite are three stones you should not rinse, for example.) Water from a natural source is best, but truthfully, I use tap water at home just as frequently. If you're working with non-water safe stones, you can brush them with a soft toothbrush or cloth before proceeding with the clearing.
  2. Place your stones outside. If possible, place them directly onto the Earth. That allows for further cleansing and grounding of the stones. 
  3. Allow the stones to absorb both moonlight and sunlight. If you put them outside around nightfall and bring them in around 11:00 a.m., you will have the benefit of both lunar and solar energies. 
  4. Give the stones a quick rinse or brush off if any dirt remains on the stones. 
  5. (Optional) Meditate over the gemstones or crystals with a mantra or intention for the stones. Allow your intentions to manifest themselves with the help of the stone's positive energies. 

You don't need to clear your stones each month, but it helps to do it seasonally. If you're having a particularly difficult time or feel yourself surrounded with negative energy, you can clear your stones more frequently in order to move forward in a positive way. 

Have you cleared your gemstones before? 

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