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Summer Feelings and Men's Jewelry

Summer Feelings and Men's Jewelry

August 24, 2020

Every summer, certain songs capture the airwaves and become part of our summer consciousness. This year, Watermelon Sugar seems to be everywhere, all the time. I feel a little more in love with the song when I saw the video — and the fabulous jewelry sported by Harry Styles. Music and my men's jewelry collection are inexorably connected. Hearing other people talk about his necklace in the video reminds me of how inspired I felt when I designed those pieces.  

Watermelon Sugar Mens Jewelry

Choosing jewelry for men

Even when men appreciate jewelry, they don't always take the time to choose it for themselves. Selecting jewelry for the men in your life doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't only have to be for a significant other! A thoughtful piece can be a treasured gift for a father, caring friend, or a mentor in your life.

buddha necklaces for men

I like to think both about the aesthetics and the meaning of the jewelry, just like I do for any gift I'm selecting. When choosing between necklaces and bracelets, keep in mind that some professions don't lend themselves to wearing bracelets and rings. If you have a friend that never wears a watch or anything on his wrists, a casual question about his comfort level with those types of pieces can ease your mind when making your selection.

mens bracelets

Some men, especially those new to wearing jewelry regularly, prefer to start with a necklace, as they can tuck it in and out of shirts depending on their mood. You know your friends best! When in doubt, there's nothing wrong with purchasing matching pieces and letting him decide on which to wear on different days.

mens necklaces yellow ledbetter

Jada's Picks: Necklaces

Two of the pieces I gravitate towards are the How Necklace and the Yellow Ledbetter Necklace. Aesthetically, they're quite different — black obsidian and red jade versus yellow tiger's eye and a Buddha crafted from bone. Both pieces offer positive energy. The How Necklace is a powerful protector, and it helps the wearer move forward in a new direction. The Yellow Ledbetter brings good fortune, a fortuitous piece that can bring success when starting a new endeavor. When choosing between them, I try to balance the wearer's typical clothing choices (dark or light) and their current state of mind. 

mens bracelets zombie

Jada's Picks: Bracelets

My current favorites among the Jada Jo Men's Bracelets are the Zombie and the Lion's Eye. Both are simple, strong pieces that can be worn easily in a variety of situations. The Lion's Eye is crafted from Tiger's Eye, a protective stone many men find themselves drawn to because of the neutral color variants present. Pyrite and golden obsidian make up the Zombie Bracelet. Known as Fool's Gold, pyrite blocks both physical and environmental harm. Obsidian helps bridge obstacles, making Zombie just as powerful as the iconic Cranberries protest song that inspired it.

Do you hesitate to gift jewelry to the men in your life? Contact us if you have questions or need a little direction about selecting a piece!

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