Summer Jewelry: Get Sunkissed with Jada Jo
Summer Gemstones: Get sunkissed with Jada Jo

Summer Gemstones: Get sunkissed with Jada Jo

June 24, 2020

The first day of summer brings a bit of magic with it each year. The solstice brings the sun high into the sky and with it, the promise of new beginnings. Each year, the beginning of summer reminds me of how much I adore the warmth of the sun, the light it brings, and the way I feel renewed by its energy.


Feel energized with carnelian

I'm thrilled with the 2020 Pride Love Necklace and Bracelet we designed and crafted in honor of this year's Pride Month. In addition to showing support for love of all kinds and human rights for every individual, the rainbow gemstones add summer energy to your day. Carnelian, a stone particularly suited to summer, makes up the orange section of the rainbow. The energizing stone anchors you to the present, allowing you to fully experience the moments you want to cherish all summer long. 

Wear a hint of Bali

I can't stop reaching for the Yellow Fire Earrings when I put on my jewelry in the morning. The bright stones make me feel happier and excited to start the day. Yellow agate harmonizes, balancing the power of yin and yang. I also adore the detail of the Balinese beads, which remind me of my fond memories of my time in Bali.

Harness the warmth of the sun with citrine

Citrine harnesses the sun's power, amplifying warmth and joy. A powerful energy changer, it shifts negative energy to positive and helps wearers move forward. I think it's a beautiful stone to wear as summer begins and adventures await. The Burning Amber necklace combines citrine and garnet, another gemstone I turn to during the summer.

Find love and luck with rose quartz

Something about a little bit of pink just reminds me of summer, and the color looks beautiful with white, a staple of my summer wardrobe. Known as the loving stone, rose quartz works with the heart chakra to encourage gentle, lasting love — perfect for summer. A feather adorns the Amor Necklace, a symbol of luck, which is always welcome in pursuits of the heart. 

Discover your passion with garnet

The richness of garnet speaks to the intense energy it brings to its wearer. Garnet energizes with passion and intensity, and wearing it can aid in motivation. I know some summer days I need a little extra motivation in my days. The Jomsom Nepalese Necklace holds a special place in my heart, as we designed it in tribute to the work Wine to Water has been doing in Nepal for many years. 

Get sunkissed with Jada Jo Jewelry

I hope you enjoyed learning more about these special gemstones that harness the power of the sun. I believe they're perfect for summer, and I love sharing some of the pieces I'll personally be wearing on repeat all summer long.

How do you change your jewelry with the seasons? 

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