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Push and Pull of Internet vs Reality

Push and Pull of Internet vs Reality

June 27, 2019

Much of my inspiration comes from the life I live and the passions I pursue, like music and travel. Some days I wish I could hop on a plane and explore a new part of the world and create jewelry the way I used to for friends. However, making the leap to create a small business out of the intersection of my passions means I need to look at the pragmatic side of entrepreneurship as well. 

The importance of my takeaways from JCK 2019

If you aren't involved in the jewelry business in some way, "JCK 2019" likely doesn't mean much to you. Within the jewelry industry, however, JCK offers a kind of home base for all of the people involved in the conceptualization, design, manufacture, and distribution of jewelry. The annual trade show draws eyes and ears from around the world to browse, source, network, and discuss upcoming trends, industry changes, and the future of all kinds of small—and large!—businesses. 

I wasn't sure I'd write about my JCK experience here. After all, the ins and outs of my time there likely don't have much relevance for many of the people stopping by my site. I wanted to share a little, though, because I think everyone can relate to the concept of looking ahead, no matter your profession or your passion.

The push and pull of the internet versus reality

One of the concepts that arose again and again during my discussions with industry connections involved the complicated relationship between online and brick and mortar sales. As online sales surge, brick and mortar shops struggle. Still, no matter how convenient it is to buy online, people still love to touch and feel jewelry before they buy it. Even the best photographs don't offer the true experience of feeling the weight of a piece in your hand, nor let you see the luster of a polished gem gleaming in the light. 

I feel like this back and forth is about even more than the jewelry industry. So many of us use our social media connections daily, to laugh with friends or express our opinions. Still, we all know the importance of sitting down, in person, with someone, how much a handshake means or reading someone's emotions through their eyes as well as their words. 

Looking ahead to the future of Jada Jo Jewelry

Those of us building a business online can't ignore the way real world connections can help our brands thrive—and we don't want to! One of the things I've been thinking about most since my time at JCK 2019 involves how to build a bridge between those two, crucial, parts of Jada Jo Jewelry. I'm brainstorming daily and seeking ways to create a hybrid vision between global inspiration and real world connectivity. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it as well. 

What solutions have you achieved to bridge the online world with an in-person experience?

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