The significance of Buddha symbols in Jada Jo Jewelry
The significance of Buddha symbols in Jada Jo Jewelry

The significance of Buddha symbols in Jada Jo Jewelry

September 11, 2019

Designing jewelry for Jada Jo has been so much fun and designing for my clients.  I love discovering new-to-me stones and techniques and looks, just as I always have. However, I now spend time with my eye on trends, both within the industry as a whole and within my own sales. Something I that is obvious is people are attracted to my Buddha inspired jewelry.  Excited to share some my 2019 fall pieces.

buddha jewelry

The connection between spirituality and jewelry

I've written about the role mala beads play in meditation, and exploring the connection between jewelry and spiritual beliefs and practices seems like a natural step from there. Part of me hesitates at times to bring the symbolism of Buddha into my jewelry line. After all, one of the tenets of Buddhism talks about attachment as a root of suffering.

However, I personally find comfort in crafting and wearing pieces that bring attention to spiritual matters. I think of my Buddha pieces as a touchstone for those matters, a tangible item that gives me pause and reminds me to take the time to center myself and reconnect spiritually. Rather than distracting me with bonds of attachment, my personal Buddha pieces clear a pathway to better connecting with the positive energy I seek in my daily life. 

Explaining the meaning of Buddha poses

If you've looked around at Buddha statues, pendants, and other talismans, you may have noticed the Buddha in various poses. Each pose signifies something different.  

  • The protection Buddha — With one hand raised like a shield, the protection Buddha works to ward off negative energy.  
  • The medicine Buddha — Found with a vessel of herbs or other medicine near a seated Buddha, the medicine Buddha offers a path to those seeking health.
  • The meditation Buddha — Depictions of the Buddha in a meditative state are some of the most common symbols found in statues and jewelry (like mine). The meditating Buddha has closed eyes and brings a sense of calm and balance. 
  • The Nirvana Buddha— A reclining Buddha signifies the last death of Buddha before reaching the state of Nirvana, or enlightenment. 

The Buddha in Jada Jo jewelry

You can find the Buddha in several of my pieces. Some believe the most potent way to attract positive energy with a Buddha pendant is to wear it around the neck. If you're looking for a simple piece but want to wear a pendant in that way, consider the Come as You Are Necklace. For something more eye-catching, try the Yellow Ledbetter or Golden Buddha Necklaces. 


Jada's pick: The Change Necklace

Inspired by a Candlebox song, the Change necklace represents duality — and who doesn't experience a struggle with at during different periods of their lives? Golden obsidian signifies the light and darkness that lives within each of us, and the Falcon's Eye stones help protect their wearer. The Buddha pendant attracts positive energy.

Combining the materials gives this piece a powerful positive force. The unisex piece can be seen on both men and women, and it can be custom designed at different lengths if you wish. I'd love to speak with you about finding a piece of jewelry that meets your spiritual and aesthetic needs. 

How do you incorporate your spirituality into your daily life?

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