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The Symbolic Nature of November (11:11)

The Symbolic Nature of November (11:11)

October 30, 2019

I welcome November with open arms every year. December might loom on the horizon with its holiday busyness, but November often serves as a spiritual guidepost. During this month each year, I take the time to open myself to signs or suggestions about the direction I'm heading. It helps me assess my successes and setbacks and often gives me direction on where I should focus my energies. 

significance of 1111

Why November matters in a spiritual sense

As the eleventh month of the year, November carries the weight of a powerful number in numerology. 11 is considered a master number, one which brings with it insight and enlightenment. It harnesses intuition and often shines a light onto what one knows instinctively to be true. Think about the power carried by the number one itself. When repeated, one grows in power exponentially. 

Honoring the significance of 11:11

Double numbers and repetitive numbers carry additional symbolic weight. During times of reflection or even during times of stress, you may find yourself looking at clocks and seeing certain numbers come up again and again. Pay attention to how you feel when you see those numbers, whether they're 10:10, 11:11, or 12:12 on a clock or flight numbers like 777 or 2828.

When you see 11:11, sometimes known as the angel number, know that you are being sent a significant thumbs up from the universe. Some believe the visual representation of 11:11 is a nudge from a spirit guide, a way to get you to be more aware of and in tune with what is happening in your life. I look at the number as a tap on the shoulder and a reinforcement of the path I've chosen to walk along. 1111 brings a positive affirmation of your thoughts and plans to begin something new as well. Consider it a chance to manifest new hopes and wishes in your life.

November specials from Jada Jo Jewelry

The eleventh month of the year teems with importance in terms of numeric symbolism —and I want to share that with the entire Jada Jo community! I can't think of a better way to honor 11:11 than with a sale. For 11 days, I will be offering a 50% sale on Jada Jo Jewelry. In addition, all shipping (including return shipping, though I hope you don't need that!) will be free for the entire month. Consider it a sign from the universe that you should try one of the pieces you've been coveting for a while or begin checking boxes off your holiday checklist. 

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