The Symbolism of Leaves in Jada Jo Jewelry
The Symbolism of Leaves in Jada Jo Jewelry

The Symbolism of Leaves in Jada Jo Jewelry

July 22, 2020

When I’m designing pieces and brainstorming with the Jada Jo team, symbols and symbolism generally become part of the conversation. Working with gemstones allows our team to harness energy in positive ways and helps us lead our clients to manifest what they seek to bring into their lives. Jada Jo Jewelry also uses symbolic pendants as additional design element to offer protection and to encourage positive energy. 

leaf jewelry

Using leaf pendants in symbolic jewelry

We frequently use leaves as a symbolic element in Jada Jo designs. A beautiful, intricate part of nature, I love seeing leaves through all of their lifespan on their trees. Each stage offers its own beauty, from the time they unfurl on the trees in spring to when they shift to autumn colors and fall to the ground. As I learned more about their spiritual significance, I knew they would be an important part of our jewelry design. 

leaf pendants

What leaves symbolize in Jada Jo pieces

Leaves symbolize many things, but the most powerful meaning for me, personally, is that of growth, progress, and hope. Some interpretations of leaves as symbols mention the idea of mortality, and I feel that can be true, too. I choose not to let this aspect of a leaf’s symbolism feel negative or sad. Much wisdom can be found from those who lived before us, and a leaf can help honor and bring thought to the dead. 

One of our most iconic pieces boasts a beautiful moss green leaf pendant. We crafted the Rosewood Mala from sandalwood, which improves circulation, and added the leaf to help encourage new beginnings and growth through meditation. 

amazonite jewelry

I can't help but adore the Joy Amazonite Agate Silver Leaf Necklace. The colors of the amazonite and blue lace agate complement each other beautifully, and the energies of the gemstones do as well. Agate cleanses and amazonite brings clarity and purpose. Adding the leaf pendant makes the Joy Necklace perfect for times of growth and transformation. 

A single leaf came to be known as a symbol of happiness, which is why we generally use one leaf in our pieces. An exception is the Jouhara Pavé Diamond Leaf Necklace. Three small leaves adorn the smoky quartz, a powerful grounding stone. While designing the Jouhara Necklace, I learned the leaf holds a special symbolic place in Moroccan culture because of the geometric symmetry found in leaves. 

After learning about the symbolism of leaves, do you feel as though they could play a role in positive growth in your life?

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