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Thoughts on Bali...From Bali

Thoughts on Bali...From Bali

January 21, 2020

Writing about a life-altering travel experience while in the midst of that experience feels surreal. Still, putting my thoughts into words always helps me translate my thoughts and experiences into lasting memories. I hope to write more about the varied aspects of my Bali trip when I return home. The highlights, alone, will give you a glimpse into how I've been spending my year. 

Bali bamboo village

John Hardy's Ties to Balinese Culture

I have always admired John Hardy as a brand. Their beautiful designs tie so closely to the Balinese culture. When John Hardy came to Bali in the mid 70s, he learned the unique jewelry making that has been passed down for generations. The style and design celebrates the unique culture of Bali, including a commitment to green living and environmental protection.

The master class I took humbled me. The process of the bringing a design to life took immense concentration. I'm not sure I could have done if I hadn't been in a setting so focused on craftsmanship and skill. Even the food on location exceeds expectations, as team members prepare an elaborate lunch for the entire studio staff — all 750 of them!


Finding Space and Pause in My Life

Space is one of the greatest gifts a person can find, and it can be defined many ways. I found that space presented to me on my trip to Bali. Interestingly, I didn’t realize I needed was space. I needed time to truly reflect on the past year, which has been a journey in itself. Before I left for Bali, I did a chakra alignment and thought grounding was one thing that was in balance. I realized I was so wrong when I actually found grounding. 


Recognizing Symbols in Travel

There have been so many reoccurring symbols on this trip that I hope I will remember them all when I return. The two most powerful symbols I keep encountering involve the ocean and circles. Working together, those symbols represent both ultimate freedom and the joint power of continuity and motion. I definitely want to delve into some of the ways those symbols presented themselves to me and the way I intend to use them as inspiration when I return. Suffice it to say, I knew where I wanted to go before I even boarded my first flight to Bali, but now I feel more excited about what lies ahead then ever before.

Bali historical sites

Balancing Work Travel with Leisure

Over the past 15 years, I made a concerted effort to do something personal during my work travels. If that was an outdoor run in a city to see the architecture vs being on a treadmill or to tack on a day to the trip so I could experience what it had to offer. Truthfully, my trip to Bali has been my first work trip where it was a test to balance both. My rule or advice is to be fully present in one or the other — and to carve out dedicated time for both. Otherwise you are half in the experience. I have thought profoundly about the elusiveness of balance and the gifts that can be found within the very imbalances we sometimes avoid.  

Bali solo travel

The Power of Solo Travel

My trip to Bali is a solo trip. I have enjoyed the time alone, truly. However, each time I travel alone, I remember how it offers the opportunity to meet so many people. I met a Canadian on her way to Bali, with whom I've kept in touch and shared some memorable experiences now that we are both in the country. I met a Balinese man who led me to an artist's showing and two girls who wanted to practice their English with me. I learn so much more about the destination as I meet other fellow travels or staff. Everyone is so enthusiastic to share their favorite places and best places to eat.  

I plan to revisit these thoughts when I return to California. Do you tend to journal as you travel or reflect on your adventures when you return home?

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