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Time to rock: Can't-miss fall music festivals

Time to rock: Can't-miss fall music festivals

September 25, 2019

In addition to travel, music plays a large inspirational role in my life—and my jewelry design. I built my men's line around some of the foundational music of my youth, drawing from both the aesthetic and the mood of 90s rock. Large, sprawling music festivals were another of my favorite things the 90s celebrated in full force.

fall music festivals

As summer nights slip into fall, music festivals seem like the perfect way to honor the change of seasons. No matter what your musical tastes, there's something for everyone out there. My three favorites are fairly consistent, and I hope you have the opportunity to visit (at least) one of them this year. 

ACL 2019 

Austin City Limits

The Austin City Limits Music Festival (or ACL) truly brings together an eclectic, talented group of artists in one of my favorite cities in the United States. From bands I grew up with, like Guns N' Roses, to current phenoms, like Billie Eilish, you can see listen to superstars and up-and-coming artists on several stages. Keep reading to discover my favorite part about this year's ACL, which spans two weekends this fall (October 4-6 and October 11-13). 

fall music festivals

Ohana Festival

Located a little closer to home, for me at least, the Ohana Festival is taking Dana Point by storm.  Truly it is the best site for a festival as it is on the beach with an ocean back drop. One of my all-time favorites, Eddie Vedder, always performs.  You'll need to act quickly if you want to attend. The Ohana Festival takes place this weekend, on September 27, 28, and 29. A can't-miss element of this particular festival is the Storytellers Stage, where some incredibly interesting people are sharing a little bit of their lives and their inspiring stories on stage. 



Lollapalooza feels like a little bit of a cheat for this list, because it takes place in the summer. Still, it's one of those festivals that conjures memories and a quintessential moment in my musical history that keeps it on my must-see list always. A fun fact for this year is that the festival is global. If you missed the fun this summer in Chicago, consider heading to Argentina in March 2020 for what's sure to be an amazing event. 

Music festival tips

Attending music festivals is one of those things you need to experience for yourself before you know what you like—and don't—about them. You might prefer to scope out the lineup and stake out your spot for your must-see bands as early as possible, or you might want to wait and go with the flow of your mood and the mood of the people with whom you're attending. Just like I have three favorite festivals, I have three tips I try to share, especially if it's your first time at a large-scale festival. 

  1. Stay hydrated - You're dancing, walking and (likely) eating some scrumptious, naughty food than you're not accustomed to. Make close, personal friends with water during your time at the festival. Sure, you'll need to hit the bathrooms more than you might like, but at least you won't end up dizzy and holding your head in pain minutes before your favorite band takes the stage. 
  2. Use lockers - If the festival you're attending offers rental lockers, take advantage! I always bring an extra layer (or more) of clothes and sometimes another pair of shoes. Keeping your stuff secure makes it easier to move around and enjoy yourself without worrying about hitting your fellow festival-goers with an oversized bag, or leaving it behind after you stop to talk with friends. 
  3. Dress comfortably - This means different things for different people, but wear something that makes you feel happy and unencumbered. You don't want to worry about ruining your brand new white dress while sitting on the ground or nursing blisters from new sandals, no matter how cute they may be. 

A 2019 ACL bonus

I'm even more excited than usual to attend Austin City Limits this year, because I'll be introducing Jada Jo Jewelry to festival attendees! I can't wait to exhibit some of my favorite pieces and chat with people about what they like, what they love, and what they'd like to see from me in the future. I will be located in the VIP/ Platinum area.  If you're attending the festival, be sure you're following me on Instagram and stop by to say hello!

What do you love (or not! you can be honest!) about music festivals?

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