Travel Bucket List: Jaipur, India - Jada Jo
Travel Bucket List: Jaipur, India

Travel Bucket List: Jaipur, India

July 09, 2020

Like so many people, I feel a little adrift right now. It's a surreal feeling, because I've spent more time at home and close to home than I have in years. I've shared how important travel is to me, personally, how it helps me discover and learn — about the world and about myself. Of course, health and safety for the community win over wanderlust. For now, I'm adding destinations to my dream destinations list instead of crossing them off. Hopefully, I'll make it to Jaipur, India soon. 

Jaipur architecture Pink City

Gemstones in Jaipur

One of the things that complicates my travel aspirations right now is the fine line between traveling essentially for business and traveling for pleasure. I prefer to source materials in person whenever possible. Nothing compares to holding gemstones, feeling their weight in my palm and seeing the way they catch the light.

Jaipur's markets are home to both precious and semi-precious stones like amethysts, rubies, and topaz. Topaz intrigues me because of its ability to balance energy, diverting it to where your body needs it most. A great stabilizer, I think many of us could benefit from the relaxation and calmness encouraged by topaz. A section of the marketplace cuts and polishes gems using simple machinery, a method I'd love to see in person.

In addition to stones, I would love to browse the handcrafted jewelry of Jaipur, like the lac bangles. Crafted from a resinous substance, the colorful bangles are further decorated by hand. Tiny crystals stud some, while others are intricately painted. Celebratory events call for women to wear them, sometimes in particular color combinations, like an odd number of red or maroon bangles bookended with a green one on either side. 

Pink City

Don't forget your camera 

Called the "Pink City," Jaipur offers a feast of aesthetics for fans of architecture, pastels, and breathtaking structures. Many of the buildings, from palaces to storefronts, were painted in rose-colored shades to welcome Prince Albert to the city in 1876. The color remains prominent, and I can't wait to see it in person one day. In addition to the gorgeous hues, from the palest pink to deep, dusty roses, Jaipur boasts a beautiful symmetry in its Rajasthani style architecture. Archways, columns, and windows Talk about Instagram-worthy!

A note about traveling during a global pandemic

As I mentioned earlier, things change quickly right now. I recommend keeping travel essential and being careful about your health prior to your trip. Travel insurance never hurts, but especially now, keep an eye on the flexibility of your bookings.

Blessings for safe travels if you are planning anything soon. We will get back to our wanderlust ways someday!

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