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Using Crystals for Happiness, Positivity, and Love

Using Crystals for Happiness, Positivity, and Love

July 02, 2020

The news cycle continues to unfold in our communities in upsetting ways. I watch the COVID-19 numbers rise and worry about people I know and people I don't. This virus instills fear and worry, but there is another side to learning how to live in this quick-changing and complicated new reality. Many of us are slowing down, at least in our daily lives, and that allows for more introspection and thought about the ways in which we interact with each other.

crystals for happiness

How to use gemstones for happiness and love

One of the things I'm doing this summer to reshape and retune my thinking is to consciously use crystals to harness positive energy and thoughts. I try to incorporate the best crystals for happiness, positivity, and love into my life in different ways. Wearing gemstone jewelry stimulates your chakras and works as a reminder to focus on the energy you're seeking. You can also sit with gemstones or crystals during meditation or use mala beads to focus your concentration. 

The properties of crystals for positive energy

  • Amethyst helps to regain balance and centers your energy. This powerful stone works to balance your physical, emotional, and mental energies, which is why we created the Bodyguard Amethyst Bracelet. We believe it's the perfect piece for these unprecedented times. 

  • Citrine brings abundant happiness to the wearer. The Burning Amber necklace incorporates citrine in a beautiful way, and I think you'll love the sparkle of the diamond pendant.

  • Garnet balances energy while inspiring love and passion. One of the most exciting things about garnet is that it comes in a variety of colors, so you can add it into your life in numerous ways, like the Happy Buddha Necklace that incorporates green garnet. 

  • Jade contributes to mental clarity and emotional calm. The men's Plush bracelet uses yellow jade to increase mental strength and handle whatever negative energy threatens. 

  • Lapis Lazuli gives a kingly sense of wisdom and grace and promotes interpersonal harmony in relationships. Stressful current events can stress relationships, and the Indah Lapis Bracelet can be a wonderful reminder to focus on the positivity in all of your relationships.

  • Moonstone, the inspiration behind the Jada Jo To the Moon Collection, is known to bring luck in love. We have several pieces designed using moonstone. The Moonshine Feather Earrings delicately tap into the possibility of new, positive beginnings. 

  • Onyx contains incredible power to change negative energy into lucky energy. Some wearers worry about the aesthetic darkness of the stone, but the protective gemstone can be worn with anything at all, so you can always count on the Come As You Are Necklace.

  • Quartz destroys all negative energies. The purity of quartz shines through in both its energy and its clarity. Add a little bit of edge with the diamond skull charm in our Golden Skull Bracelet

  • Rose Quartz represents love and clarity of judgement. Known as the loving stone, it seemed like the ideal choice for the Jada Jo Amor Necklace. The necklace also incorporates a feather for additional luck. 

  • Tiger's Eye provides inner strength and radiant confidence. Many people choose to wear Tiger's Eye bracelets daily, but the Tiger Strength Necklace may be just what you need for a boost of strength during these complicated times. 

  • Turquoise is prized for its inspirational influence, which may be why it remains an iconic stone in jewelry design. The Pantai Turquoise Earrings wear beautifully as a daily piece, allowing you to harness the calming influence wherever you go. 

I truly believe crystals and gemstones can influence energy. Please feel free to contact us about how to use gemstone jewelry to influence yours! 

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