Valentine's Day: Give the Gift of Endless Love - Jada Jo
Valentine's Day: Give the Gift of Endless Love

Valentine's Day: Give the Gift of Endless Love

January 20, 2021

In both times of discord and times of contentment, love comforts and love celebrates. Love, in any form, is a gift and carries its own type of energy and power. It heals and amplifies, allowing us to see the best part of ourselves reflected in someone else. Jada Jo Jewelry wants to celebrate love, more than ever, this year. 

The inspiration behind the I Love You Collection

At Jada Jo, my designers and I find inspiration in big moments and small ones. We appreciate and take the spiritual meaning behind gemstones into consideration, but gems and crystals aren't the only things that bring meaning to our collection. This Valentine's Day, we put together the I Love You Collection based on the idea of eternal love.

Circles, the universal symbol of endless meaning, feature prominently in the collection. Remember, I Love You isn't just for romantic love, though it absolutely encompasses that. Our collection celebrates the joy found in all iterations of love for men and women. 

Bracelets to be worn with love

Circling your wrist, bracelets are a simple reminder of an endless circle. The three bracelets featured in the collection offer something for every wrist.

The bamboo coral of the I Love You More Bracelet offers rich color, and the stone repels negative energy and attracts good fortune. 

The I Love You Unisex Bracelet includes bamboo coral as well, along with shiny black agate. The agate is a symbol for strength, an important part of any relationship.

The I Love You Bracelet doubles the concept of the circle. The red jade symbolizes power and a strong will. The doubled gold circle charm symbolizes endless love. 

The gift of a circle symbolizes your love

There's nothing like the gift of jewelry to make a statement. Your fingers reach to touch it during the day, a tangible reminder of the love behind the gift — even if you're gifting it to yourself. 

From the time we added earrings to the Jada Jo jewelry lines, we've all become a little obsessed with them. The I Love You Earrings are deceptively simple. Hammered gold and a single ruby, a stone to remind the wear to "follow your bliss." 

The I Love You Necklace makes a statement, both when you give it and when you wear it. Like the earrings, the necklace combines hammered gold circles and rubies, the stones of the heart. 

No matter what sort of love you're celebrating this year, don't miss the opportunity to honor it with one of the I Love You pieces. Our designers hope you can find a gift for someone special — especially if it's you. 

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