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Why Travel to Morocco

Why Travel to Morocco

February 08, 2019

International travel fills my soul with gratitude. With each trip, I gain insight into global communities offering unparalleled experiences and unique beauty. As I begin to incorporate business goals into travel fueled by wanderlust, I’m planning each journey with intention. Jada Jo Jewelry allows me the opportunity to search for supplies that infuse the spirit of a community into my jewelry, and I’m thrilled to share my travel plans and photos with you as our community grows.

Why I Traveled to Morocco

I first visited Morocco with my family over twenty years ago. From that very first journey, my family fell in love with the country. While this is only my second trip back to Morocco, its influence can be seen throughout my home. Moroccan rugs and artisan findings offer daily reminders of one of my favorite places, and it made perfect sense to source supplies from the diverse nation.

The entirety of Morocco offers so many cultural opportunities for visitors, but Fez holds a special place in my heart. Of all the cities I’ve visited—and there are many!—Fez remains near the top of my list of favorite places. It melds historical curiosity with a mystic aura throughout the winding alleys among its vast Medina.

Circling Around to the Four Pillars

Planning with intention and authenticity means reflecting on the way my trips fit into the four pillars of the Jada Jo philosophy: handmade, cultural representation, gemstones, and giving back. Morocco, and Fez in particular, fit easily into that foundation.

Supplies for unique, handmade pieces

Moroccan leather remains highly praised among craftsman. I plan on incorporating leather cuffs into an upcoming jewelry collection. Visiting Morocco gave me the opportunity to touch the leather I’ll be using and choose it carefully to ensure the highest quality in my materials.

Moroccan supplies give insight into their culture

I wanted my first dedicated jewelry-sourcing trip to take me to a place with its own unique culture and artisanship. Both the Berbers and Tuaregs, traditional tribal groups in Morocco, craft renowned jewelry that dates back for centuries. I find their beadwork and gemstones beautiful, but their metal artisanship stuns with its attention to detail.

The protective qualities of gemstones and symbols

One of the most recognized symbols in Muslim cultures is called by many names. Referred to as the khamsa, a hamsa hand, or Fatima’s hand, the powerful symbol protects its wearers by warding off the “evil eye” and bringing good fortune in its place. I plan to incorporate the khamsa into my jewelry as a powerful symbol promoting good fortune over bad.

Connecting with locals who are the story makers behind Jada Jo

Over the years, my family fostered a friendship with a family in Fez, the owners of the beautiful Riad El Yacout. When I traveled to Morocco, those friends helped me navigate the city streets and operated as guides when I met shop owners. Speaking with the shop owners, I learned many of the shops have been handed down between family members for centuries. Supporting and celebrating this sort of community fits perfectly into my business philosophy.

I couldn’t be happier with my choice to travel to Morocco. I hope you’ll consider this special country for a global travel opportunity, and I’m excited for you to see the pieces inspired by my time in Morocco!

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