World Water Day: Advocating for clean water with Wine to Water - Jada Jo
World Water Day: Advocating for clean water with Wine to Water

World Water Day: Advocating for clean water with Wine to Water

March 21, 2019

I turn on my running water countless times every day—brushing my teeth, showering, and all of those glasses of water I try to drink to stay healthy. I didn’t always think about what a gift it is to have that water available at my fingertips until I started learning about how many regions of the world don’t have access to clean water.

World Water Day

Giving space to World Water Day

On March 22nd, the United Nations asks the global community to recognize World Water Day. The day focuses on the sustainability of the world’s freshwater resources and advocates for better access to clean water for everyone across the world. This day holds a special place in my heart, especially in relation to the powerful organization Wine to Water.

Wine to Water

Learning about Wine to Water

Wine To Water formally began in 2007, three years after Doc Hendley independently fundraised on behalf of clean water projects and lived in Sudan, Africa installing water systems for victims of the government-supported genocide. Today, the organization has offices in three countries and works in a multi-pronged way to combat the lack of clean water—and the benefits freshwater brings to a community. Wine to Water knows water is more than a resource. It’s a foundation for health and economic stability.

Wine to Water Clean Water Advocacy

My Personal Experience with Wine to Water

In 2017, I volunteered with Wine to Water. Our journey began in Columbia and ended up in Peru.  We were tasked to build water wells for three villages in remote villages in the Amazon. Traveling by canoe for twelve hours gave me the opportunity to reflect on the role of water in a community. Ironically, the trip involved moving water from where it was definitely not wanted, in order to get fresh water where it was needed. The picture is with other amazing volunteers and our trusty, leaky, means of transportation.

Wine to Water World Water Day

Giving Back on World Water Day

This year, I thought about the various ways how I can support the causes that are dear to my heart and passion. Wine to Water not only works tirelessly in the field, they raise funds to further global freshwater sustainability. I created the World Water Day bracelet to bring awareness for the day and help raise money for Wine To Water.  Lapis lazuli seemed like the only choice for this important piece. Not only does the stone increase wisdom and good judgment, the deep blue symbolizes clean water.

Though we recognize World Water Day on Friday, March 22, the Wine to Water bracelet will remain on sale through the end of March. 50% of all proceeds will go directly to Wine to Water. The $50 donation covers the cost of a water filter that can provide clean water for a family of 4 for 10 years. Your purchase truly makes a difference in increasing the quality of life for an entire family. As we give space to World Water Day, I feel grateful for the water we have available today, and I hope to help bring a little more of that access to underserved communities around the globe.

Visit Wine to Water to learn more and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with the good they’re doing around the world.

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