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Fashion Forward...Moroccan Style

Fashion Forward...Moroccan Style

March 12, 2019

My love for Moroccan style and design flows through much of my jewelry inspiration. Traveling to Morocco will always be on my travel bucket list, no matter how many times I'm lucky enough to visit the country. I appreciate looking around pop culture right now and recognizing the Marrakech moment happening in design and in current events. 

Marrakech design

A royal tour brings attention to Morocco

We might not have an American monarchy, but that doesn't stop us from being interested in all things royal, especially when it comes to their attention to global causes and initiatives. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited one of my favorite countries this February. According to People, "The Duke and Duchess are looking forward to the visit which will highlight the vital roles that girls’ education and youth empowerment are playing in, and shaping, modern Morocco.”

In addition to championing the role of education in the lives of Moroccan girls, I hope the royal couple had the chance to visit a marketplace and to see the beautiful work done by the Moroccan people. Between the textiles and the gorgeous detail of the metal jewelry, I can't imagine they didn't choose something for their new home to remind them of their official visit. 

Home decor leans into Moroccan influence

The great news is that you don't need to travel halfway around the world to bring Moroccan-inspired pieces into your home. CB2’s recently released collection focuses on some gorgeous textiles and home accent pieces that will make you feel like you've traveled to Morocco yourself.

With limited quantities available, don't miss your chance to snag one of the pieces that catches your eye. Having global pieces in my home gives me the chance to remember some of my favorite travel destinations—and influences where I choose to travel next. I love the Moroccan Leather Poof and would love to use the decorate Mortar and Pestle as a centerpiece during a dinner with friends. 

Jewelry inspired by the markets of Morocco

With my eye on this trend of Moroccan style, I recently released a Moroccan collection comprised of collectible talismans from a fascinating country. Finding treasures in the markets of Fez inspires me to create unique pieces that blend traditional Moroccan style with a modern aesthetic.

Moroccan necklace

From ancient tradition the Hand of Fatima is believed to protect against harm and evil forces.  Coupled with Pyrite, the Protective Rose Quartz Pave Diamond Hand Necklace shields one from negative energies. Whether you're looking for bracelets or necklaces, you will find the perfect piece within the Jada Jo Moroccan collection. 

Have you noticed the Marrakech moment happening in design trends and global news?


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