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Thoughts on Creating a Home Studio

Thoughts on Creating a Home Studio

December 11, 2019

Building a business often starts from one’s home. Jada Jo Jewelry started exactly that way. I imagined designs before I began to acquire the materials and stones I'd need to create the images I had in my head. I didn't think too much about where I'd make my jewelry, so it started taking over my living room.

My first home studio

I first started by converting my living room into a hybrid space that was part living room and part work space. When I started, I stashed my materials into a few drawers of product. Within a year, those 10 drawers expanded to over one hundred drawers containing stones, metal elements, pendants, and other supplies and tools.  

I feel fortunate that Jada Jo has started to strike a chord with people, allowing me to expand from the corner of my living room into a space that allows for true creative collaboration. With the expansion, I have brought on team members to work from my studio. It was fun to buy my first jewelry bench that allows my designer to work within the studio.

Don't forget about shipping

Like any other small business that creates a tangible product, another key part of Jada Jo is fulfillment. At the beginning, I was able to tuck packing materials into drawers and closets, but that eventually became cumbersome. I would find myself going back and forth between spaces gathering what I needed. Like many entrepreneurs, I converted my garage into my "fulfillment center." I store boxes and shipment materials there, so everything is organized and in one place. 

Design a space to display your creations

As Jada Jo started expanding, I realized I did not have a place to hold my finished product. While I love talking with people about the products I'm actually wearing, I can't possibly style each piece of jewelry frequently. It felt unprofessional to pull pieces out of drawers or even jewelry boxes. I wanted the jewelry on display, so people could browse until they saw something that caught their eye.

I ended up designing pegboard walls in my studio space, which allows me to hang finished product. One of my favorite parts of building a home studio means I have the space to welcome clients to see pieces first hand. I meet with people in my studio, by appointment only, and chat with them to see what pieces strike their fancy and how we can craft something to their specifications. With over 30% of my orders being custom, I can now sit down with my clients and design their desired pieces in an efficient, personal way.

Visit the Jada Jo Jewelry studio 

Personally, I love seeing where other designers and artists work, and I am excited to show and share my studio with the public. I thought a Holiday Open House would bring a festive feel to a studio reveal. Join me on Thursday, December 12th from 12:00 - 7:00 p.m. (Coincidentally, it is on 12:12, which feels like a powerful sign.)

During that time, we are opening the studio and having a local international chef prepare some unique specialty cuisines. The open house launches the studio being open to public and taking by-appointment requests. As we want all that attend to leave with Jada Jo memories, there will be a surprise gift for each of the attendees.  

What is your favorite part of artistic open houses?

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