Travel Plans: Dreaming of Bali - Jada Jo
Travel Plans: Dreaming of Bali

Travel Plans: Dreaming of Bali

October 10, 2019

Though I try to keep my mind open to new travel locales, certain destinations call to me to come back. I can't turn all of those dreams into reality, because I would have to be on an airplane more than I would be at home!

However, when I can't stop thinking of a certain place, I know I need to be intentional about making my way back there. This yearning to go back to a place I've seen before is a part of vicariosity, a concept I'm embracing more and more as I open myself up to new experiences. I traveled to Bali in 1994, when I lived a different life than the one I'm now leading. I know my next journey there, hopefully this coming January, will be so different than my first trip there.

travel to Bali

Bali overflows with beaches, warmth, and kindness

When I mention warmth and Bali in the same sentence, people assume I'm talking about the sunshine. Don't get me wrong, the beaches in Bali stunned me. From soft white sand begging for lounging to cliffs make for extreme water sports, the variety of beaches will check all of your vacation checklists. Yet the true warmth of Bali lies in its people. Welcoming and kind, they're excited to share their home and their culture with visitors. 

Get in touch with your spiritual side

The rich religious life of the Balinese makes it easy for travelers to feel their spiritual natures drawn out. Many of the people of Bali practice Hinduism, which means many Balinese have small temple areas built into their homes. The public temples of Bali are not to be missed when you travel there. I promise you will feel moved to quiet your thoughts and your body when visiting, and you will leave feeling spiritually refreshed.

The artistic side of Bali

With countless artisans residing in Bali, art flows freely in the streets and in the marketplace. Traditional art and jewelry mingle together, from inexpensive trinkets to precious pieces. One of my main design inspirations, John Hardy, established his company in Bali many years ago. The thought of visiting his Balinese stores and seeing his work in the setting where it was envisioned is one of the driving forces behind my desire to travel to Bali this winter. 

What places do you travel to again and again?

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