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Embracing the Idea of Vicariosity

Embracing the Idea of Vicariosity

July 31, 2019

One of the major sources of inspiration for Jada Jo Jewelry comes from my travel experiences. I grew up with adventurous parents who instilled a sense of global curiosity in me from a very young age. I honestly can't remember not tallying up a mental list of places I want to visit. Some of my favorite conversations with friends involve hearing about their recent—or not so recent—travels. With this in mind, I'm thrilled to introduce a place for the Jada Jo community to indulge their travel curiosity. Join me in embracing Vicariosity.

vicariosity and travel inspiration 

What is vicariosity?

When I thought about the things I wanted to encompass the spirit of the Jada Jo community, I knew global travel stories would play a large part in the conversation. Each time I travel, I learn valuable lessons about other cultures and about myself, and I know I'm not the only person who feels that way. That sense of wonder about the world and desire to experience more of it is the emotional force behind vicariosity.

The blend of vicarious and curiosity.  The inspiration behind travel, one is curios to experience and explore a new place.  The curiosity is to see is to see, feel, and experience the unknown.

Why vicariosity matters

In a world where we're actively fighting against horrors such as human trafficking, the mental health crisis, and a shortage of clean water, it can seem trite to focus on travel destinations. However, I believe travel opens our eyes to the things that unite us as one humanity and the ways we can learn and thrive by embracing the unknown. Embracing vicariosity in my own life means keeping an open heart and mind to new destinations, people, and cultures I haven't already experienced. It helps me stay connected to other people, and I believe that connectivity truly brings change to our world. 

How to embrace vicariosity in your daily life

Talking with others and seeking out information about new experiences is one of the cornerstones of living with vicariosity. Hearing about others' travel experiences and seeing photos always sparks something in me, whether or not I've previously considered traveling to the destination from which they've recently returned.

Yet, vicariosity isn't only about adding a bucket list destination, like Bhutan or Bali, to your travel journal. It can be something as simple as trying a new sort of cuisine, volunteering in an area of town you don't normally visit, or welcoming an exchange student into your home. It's about looking around your daily life with fresh eyes, where you may find unexpected opportunities for growth. Invite a new coworker for lunch and listen to what inspires them in their lives or ask an elderly member of your community to tell a story about their favorite memory. Those small gestures tend to lead to a sense of wonder that inspire me to make bigger changes in my life. 

What's one way you plan to embrace vicariosity in your own life?

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