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Intentional Plans for International Travel to Bali

Intentional Plans for International Travel to Bali

November 27, 2019

My upcoming trip to Bali, happening this January, feels closer and closer each day. As I finalize details about where I'll be staying and what I'll be doing, I'm reflecting on the ways I want to make this trip intentional and meaningful. Each time I plan international experiences, I remember what a gift these trips are — to my sense of adventure and to my spiritual growth. 

international travel to Bali

Why I sought out travel at this juncture in my life

When choosing travel, I always ask, "Why?" The initial response is I need a break, and I believe most people always desire to go somewhere more beautiful than where they live. I know beach and mountain people, and they seek out those types of destinations in all of their travel. I love both, but I've come to realize my consistent desire when I travel is to seek rich culture, in the same way some of my friends seeks phenomenal beaches or breathtaking mountain peaks.

I took a trip around the world in 2016 for 3 months. Every place I chose was selected with intention. I sought out Passover in Israel and pasta cooking classes in Tuscany. Madagascar became a place I needed to visit because I have always wondered about it. Curiosity itself can be meaningful during your spiritual journey. The trip encapsulated a destination for a reason — to travel with intention.

My intentions for my trip to Bali

I am looking for meaning in my life. Maybe if I can have meaning and intention in everything I do, I might embody godlike qualities. (Side note: The nachos at 1:00 a.m. last Saturday night had no meaning.)

For me my intention of travel is just that. Everywhere I choose to go, I choose for a reason. Sometimes I saw that reason come to life, and other times there was a new beauty I never knew about but only could learn by being in that destination, at that time. I cherish those experiences most of all. 

A collision of inspiration and experience

I wrote about my dreams of this trip earlier this year, where I talked about John Hardy and the inspiration I draw from him regarding jewelry design. As I contemplated what I needed and wanted from this trip, I realized I truly needed to immerse myself in the jewelry scene to deepen my understanding of how craft and beauty define Balinese jewelry.

I plan to spend time in John Hardy's Ubud Workshop and Showroom, a model of sustainability regarding both cultural and environmental concerns. Not only am I excited to see his pieces in their habitat of origin, I can't wait to see his eight-step process for crafting jewelry. 

A sneak peak at my upcoming Bali experience

As I considered the implications of spending a month in another country, I sought to find a way to reduce my environmental footprint. One of the ways that came to light was staying in a community setting focused on sustainability. Green Village is a Balinese community creating an authentic way of living that minimizes the trappings of a chaotic, modern lifestyle. The bamboo homes offer a beautiful way to immerse myself in the tropical culture there, and I'll even have the opportunity to see the school within the community. I know it's the exact place to be if I want to combine education, inspiration, and a chance for relaxation and rejuvenation for the new year.

Do you have any exciting travel plans brewing for the upcoming new year? 

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