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Introducing the Jewel Box Collection

Introducing the Jewel Box Collection

October 01, 2020

Inspiration for new Jada Jo Jewelry collections comes from all different sources. Our Bali Collection sprung from my travels, and I found inspiration for the Men's Collection in iconic rock songs. Our newest collection, The Jewel Box, came to life because of the long history of the stones and symbols used throughout the collection.

Dive into The Jewel Box

As you browse the collection, I hope the sparkle catches your eye immediately. The Jewel Box uses pave diamonds generously, and the stones capture the light in all sorts of stunning ways. I can confidently say this is our most opulent collection to date, and I'm thrilled at the way it came together.

red garnet bracelet

Stunning and rare stones

The stones in The Jewel Box Collection contain long histories, from lapis lazuli to sandstone, a truly unique stone. Known as the victory stone, blue sandstone heightens wisdom and courage, something we all strive to enhance in our lives. One of the statement pieces in the collection, the Fortunate Bracelet highlights one of our favorite stones — red garnet. I can't always find the exact shade of garnet we prefer to work with, but we came across these gorgeous stones at the 2020 Tucson Gem Show this February. Known for its ability to both deepen commitment and enhance sexuality, red garnet earns its name as the love stone.

angel wings pave pendant

Meaningful symbols

In addition to the sparkle and the stones in the collection, we filled The Jewel Box with meaningful symbols. This summer, I shared why I try to incorporate leaf symbols into some of the Jada Jo designs. A leaf adorns the Rose Sparkling Leaf Bracelet, where a pave diamond leaf accompanies labradorite and rose gold. You'll find the symbol of the Evil Eye in several pieces, particularly earrings, like the I See You chandelier pair crafted from sandstone, pave diamond evil eyes, and sterling silver. Angels are particularly dear to me. Powerful guardians, they find themselves in religion from the beginning of time. I find comfort in them as a symbol of hope and freedom, and I adore the pave diamond wings at the center of the Freedom Necklace.

labradorite necklace skull charm

Jada's Picks

When we're planning and designing, my attention shifts between pieces. I focus on overall aesthetics, then details, and I still find myself surprised at the final product that comes to life. Every collection means so much to me, yet I always find myself with a favorite piece or two. Sometimes, I'll know from the beginning how much I'll adore a design, but often I'm surprised by the ones that end up on my unforgettable list. In The Jewel Box Collection, I find myself falling more in love with two necklaces each day.

lapis lazuli sapphire necklace

From a simple aesthetic standpoint, the Timeless Sparkle Necklace turns heads. The bright blue lapis lazuli encourages self awareness and expression. The sapphires in the pendant are set off by 14K gold, where the throat chakra is stimulated, helping the wearer to communicate more purely. Don't overlook the unique clasp, a detail that makes the necklace just as stunning from the back.

The Life and Hope Necklace holds at its heart a skull, another symbol towards which I gravitate. Labradorite invokes creativity, and with the skull unlocking strength and power, the Life and Hope piece feels like the perfect piece to close out a complicated year. 

If you're looking to add a little sparkle to your jewelry this fall, don't miss this opulent collection. As always, you can contact us for any customization needs, such as length. 

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