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Mantra Meditation: Courage

Mantra Meditation: Courage

October 29, 2020

This summer, I talked a little about mantras. At the time, I found myself focusing on patience. Now, a new mantra helps me ground myself and my days. I'm harnessing my energy into the word courage as we go forth into the last two months of 2020. Courage takes a different sort of focus than patience, and I am working on finding touchstones through jewelry to keep my resolve for courage strong. 

Untangling what courage means to you

Patience, for the most part, is easy to picture. It looks similar in most people's lives. (Whether or not we can all practice it the way we picture it is a different story!) Courage, though, looks drastically different for various people.

For some people, courage means taking a risk, jumping from safety into something new. It can be speaking up for something or someone when you would normally stay silent. For others, courage looks quieter; it means staying where you are and finishing something you started, even as something new and exciting beckons from the horizon. For me, courage comes down to accepting new growth and following my intuition, even if it seems counterintuitive to what feels comfortable. 

yellow jade jewelry for courage

Jewelry to harness courage

When searching for courage, yellow jade stands out as a powerful stone to harness that sort of energy. Yellow Jade remains one of the rarest forms of jade, and it brings energies of courage and self confidence to its wearer. It's such an importance source of courage, our Courage Bracelet is comprised mainly of yellow jade, interspaced with tiger's eye for additional grounding and increased intuition.


I've been wearing the I See You Evil Eye Earrings often this fall, and they remind me to focus on being courageous. The evil eye pendants are protectors, but the accents of blue sandstone infuse the earrings with the spirit of courage. Known as the victory stone, blue sandstone heightens both courage and wisdom. 

mala meditation courage

Using mala beads for courage meditation

The Jasper Mala Necklace helps me concentrate and focus on courage during meditation. Mala meditation involves taking time to sit with silence and concentration, which isn't always easy for me when work — and my mind — get busy. The aquamarine stones in the Jasper bring courage and calm fears, giving the wearer a double source of strength.

One of my favorite ways to wear the Jasper is wrapped into a several-strand bracelet. It allows me the opportunity to see the stones throughout the day, a reminder to act courageously. During difficult days, I take a few minutes alone to touch the beads, repeat the mantra of "courage," and trust in myself to harness the energy I know lives within me.

What touchstones do you use to find courage in your life?

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