Spotlight on: Tiger's Eye Bracelets for Men - Jada Jo
Spotlight on: Tiger's Eye Bracelets for Men

Spotlight on: Tiger's Eye Bracelets for Men

August 08, 2019

Purchasing a men's bracelet, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone in your life, can be unfamiliar territory—especially if the jewelry worn by the man in question is generally limited to a watch. I often suggest the Tiger's Eye bracelet as the perfect "gateway" piece to my jewelry line. The warm, gold and brown Tiger's Eye stone looks at home against any skin tone, and allows the bracelet to be worn as a neutral wardrobe piece. 

Tiger's Eye men's bracelets

The story behind the jewelry

In case you didn't already know, each piece in my men's jewelry line exists because I felt inspired by a particular sign. Inspiration for the Tiger's Eye Bracelet came from "No Excuses," released by Alice in Chains in 1994. The song was written and released during a time when tension between Jerry Cantrell, the song's writer, and Layne Staley, the band's vocalist. 

The chakra stimulated by the Tiger's Eye bracelet

Chakra jewelry helps stimulate your chakras, bringing energy to certain areas of your body and helping balance qualities you want strengthened. The Tiger's Eye bracelet corresponds to the yellow solar plexus chakra, which is thought to be centered in the stomach area. When correctly balanced, the solar plexus chakra brings you greater self confidence and a sense of control over your life. The Tiger's Eye gemstone is a powerful protective stone that balances this particular chakra.

Unique details about the bracelets

The metal beads used with the Tiger's Eye bracelet can be customized in gold or sterling silver or no metal. We've photographed the bracelet with gold stones, but the silver brings a unique pop against the gold-toned gemstone. I offer the bracelet in five different lengths, from 6.5 inches to 8.0 inches. The most popular length for men's bracelets continues to be 7.5 inches, a helpful tip if you want the purchase to be a surprise. 

Do you prefer for your metal jewelry to match or do you wear gold and silver together?

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