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The Enduring Power of Philanthropy

The Enduring Power of Philanthropy

November 18, 2020

Sunday, November 15 marks National Philanthropy Day. From the beginning, philanthropy stood as one of the foundational pillars of Jada Jo Jewelry. Advocacy and awareness matter, but it's also crucial to add a time and financial commitment if at all possible. The organizations striving to make changes in our communities — both locally and globally — can't do so on awareness alone. 

National Philanthropy Day

Promoting charity during the holiday season

I adore holidays. I'm not picky about which holidays, either. I like the celebrations and the moments of quiet that commemorate old and new traditions. Even if you're neutral, at best, about the holidays in general, you've probably noticed people feel a little more giving when holidays are on the horizon. Putting together meals for Thanksgiving or adopting families in need for the holidays are traditions for many people. This type of giving makes a tangible, immediate impact. Families can participate in this type of philanthropy together. Many adults remember their first forays into charitable work taking place during November or December.

Why philanthropy matters all year long

Holiday philanthropy helps so many people, but practicing charitable giving all year round truly matters to organizations. Both time and money are desperately needed, and charitable organizations see their contributions veer off after the holidays. Need doesn't end when January comes and decorations — and the holiday spirit of giving — are packed away until the next year. For 2021, make a conscious effort to spread out your financial contributions throughout the year, if at all possible. Maybe choose a day each month or every other month, to do some charitable work in your community. There's something for everyone to do, from volunteering in homeless shelters to packing non-perishables for Blessings in a Backpack.

How to vet charity organizations

Whether you're a seasoned volunteer or just beginning to participate in philanthropic giving, deciding on a charity to support can feel overwhelming. Even if you've always donated money, you might find your interests and focus shifting in a way that means seeking out new, or additional, organizations to support. You don't have to look far when vetting charities. Charity Navigator has already done a lot of the work for you! Before I choose a charity to work with or support, I ask several questions. 

  • What percentage of money goes towards programming (versus administrative costs)? Over 70% seems to be the baseline for a well-run organization, so that's the minimum amount I look for. 
  • Does the charity's mission align with my values or philanthropic goals? 
  • Is the charity transparent about its goals, financial efficiency, and results?

Jada's favorite philanthropic organizations

I try to support a variety of organizations throughout the year. However, like so many people, I do find certain charities resonate so deeply with me that I return to them time and again. I proudly support the following philanthropies and hope you might take the time to look over their missions and goals when considering where to donate time or money this year. I've included a bit about them, in their own words.

  • Wine to Water — "Everyday people, trying to change the world, one drop at a time."
  • Love 146 — "We're an international human rights organization journeying alongside children impacted by trafficking today and preventing the trafficking of children tomorrow."
  • Be the Match — "The power to cure blood cancer, sickle cell and other blood diseases is in the hands of ordinary people." 

Please share some of your most loved charitable organizations with the Jada Jo community!

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