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Understanding the history of men's jewelry

Understanding the history of men's jewelry

March 24, 2020

When Jada Jo Jewelry introduced the men's line, I got more than a few surprised looks. Friends, family — and yes, some of my customers — seemed surprised I would put time and effort into a men's line when there were so many other types of women's jewelry I wanted to try. (Stay tuned for that, Jada Jo community!) Between being inspired by grunge rock and the history of men's jewelry, I knew a men's collection could really fill a niche in my jewelry community.

The long history of men's jewelry

Men didn't begin to wear jewelry because Jada Jo began to offer it, though how amazing it would be to set such a trend! History shows even the Neanderthal men sought to craft jewelry, though it came from teeth and bones of animals, perhaps signifying their ability to hunt. Later, Egyptians believed talisman jewelry, like our Come As You Are Buddha necklace, could offer protection and drive away evil spirits.

The Brits modernized men's jewelry as early as the 1500s, when royalty began to set themselves apart with ornate, gemstone-encrusted pieces. During times of war, men wore jewelry in solidarity with soldiers, such as civilians wearing ID bracelets during World War II.

Men wear statement pieces, too

I found myself fascinated by an article in the print version of Town and Country that profiled men who embrace jewelry as a statement and an extension of their personalities. From young men, like Robbie Fairchild, to icons like John Giorno, each of the men profiled had an eye — and heart — for what jewelry can represent. It's an issue of the magazine I won't recycle anytime soon. After all, who doesn't need to remember this quote from Miles Chamley-Watson, two-time Olympian fencer, "You have to look good to feel good, and if I'm not wearing jewelry I feel naked."

How to start small and go big with men's jewelry

Despite the history of men and jewelry, and the desire of some men to truly make a statement with their pieces, I know many men who prefer to wear less attention-drawing pieces.

black men's bracelet

I always suggest a bracelet as a starter piece or first piece. Many men already wear a watch, so it doesn't feel completely unfamiliar to wear a bracelet. Black or dark gray gemstones work with many wardrobe pieces and can feel unobtrusive, while offering a little bit of flair — and positive properties. Our Creep bracelets come as a pair and can be worn together or separately. The black tourmaline and pyrite stones manifest strength and determination.

For the men who want to make a bolder statement, Jada Jo Jewelry offers necklaces as well as bracelets. My current recommendation leans towards the Tiger Strength necklace. Especially during stressful global times, wearing protective stones like Tiger's Eye feels even more empowering than normal. Worn over the solar plexus chakra, the Tiger Strength necklace allows the wearer to take control of his life and lead it in the direction he chooses. 

Do you buy jewelry for the men in your life? 

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