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Celebrating Companies Committed to Giving Back

Celebrating Companies Committed to Giving Back

April 19, 2019

Charitable giving takes a multitude of shapes, from monetary donations to purchasing food for community food banks. Lately, I've been trying to increase my charitable footprint by patronizing companies committed to giving back in some way, whether they're working within their own communities or on a global scale.

No matter what you're shopping for today, there's likely a company you can feel good about shopping with, because you know your dollars are going toward a greater good—as well as a quality product. 

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Let's start out with something to liven up your next dinner party. ONEHOPE Wine not only offers high-quality varietals for wine lovers, they make sure their charitable dollars are being channeled into high-quality charity partners. They donate to all sorts of charities, including animal rescue organizations and organizations committed to providing health care to underserved communities. I appreciate the thorough vetting they go through to discover new partners. 

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Noonday Collection

I adore Noonday Collection. From the beautiful artisanal goods made from people around the world, to the mission of staying true to fair trade practices and empowering underserved communities, Noonday Collection truly inspires. I'm currently reading Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger, founder of Noonday Collection, and recommend it for anyone looking to make a change in their lives that involves stepping outside of your comfort zone.

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TOMS: One for One

The One for One philosophy and practice from TOMS remains one of the most well-known charitable partnerships out there. (It's the first one I remember personally learning about!) I love that the company isn't comfortable resting on its reputation and continues to work on new and innovative ways to make a difference. Learn about some of their new projects—and don't forget to pack your TOMS the next time you're traveling. 

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As a runner and hiker, I know how crucial base layers—like socks—can be for comfort. Bombas are consistently in rotation for many runners because of how comfortable they are, and how they keep your feet from getting beat up by harsh weather conditions. One of the reasons I love the Bombas donation program is that they're incredibly intentional about what they donate. They focus on providing clothing to homeless shelters, and their donations focus on the needs of the population they're striving to help. The items they donate are designed with the understanding that the recipients won't always have access to showers or water to wash their clothes each day. The donated clothing is dark in color and uses anti-microbial fabric, to minimize both odor and stains. 

Warby Parker

Charitable giving matters, but so does creating opportunities for those in need. Warby Parker's Buy a Pair, Give a Pair does both. They work with school-aged children to provide eyeglasses, which can be crucial in helping a child learn. They also provide training to help adult men and women learn how to administer eye exams, which offers job opportunities as well as product distribution. 

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This Saves Lives

The name says it all for this brand! When you purchase one of their products, a packet of life-saving food gets sent to one of This Saves Lives' international NGO partners. Their FAQ section offers up all sorts of information, from what's in the packets they provide malnourished children to how they're helping children directly in the United States.

Don't forget (of course!) Jada Jo Jewelry

Even before I knew what platform I'd use to sell my jewelry—or if I would even make the leap into entrepreneurship—I knew I needed to add a charitable component to any endeavor I would undertake. Giving Back became one of the four pillars on which I created Jada Jo jewelry, and I'm doing so in a multi-pronged approach this year.

Part of every sale goes to Love 146, a company focused on the complicated fight against human trafficking. In addition to that component, I created a limited-edition World Water Day bracelet benefitting Wine to Water, a charitable organization dedicated to providing clean water globally. I look forward to similar partnerships in the future, where I can work to create something beautiful that benefits others. 

Do you harness your purchasing power to support companies committed to giving back to their communities and global charities?

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