Philanthropy: A cultural pillar of Jada Jo Jewelry
Philanthropy: A cultural pillar of Jada Jo Jewelry

Philanthropy: A cultural pillar of Jada Jo Jewelry

October 17, 2019

Supporting philanthropy stands strongly as one of the core cultural pillars of my business. If you’re new to the Jada Jo community, I’d love for you to take a minute and read about the four pillars on which I founded my company.

Philanthropy plays such a large role in who I am as a person and the kind of company I wanted Jada Jo Jewelry to be. Working to build a small business depends on the good will of so many people, and I find it so important to pay that good will forward. Driving awareness matters so much for non-profit organizations, but financial support matters as well. 

Every sale supports Jada Jo Jewelry’s philanthropic efforts

Throughout the year, I design pieces to support specific charity organizations or to highlight specific causes. For example, working on my men's line inspired me to further explore charities working to help those with mental health concerns.

However, I strive to help various charities with all of my sales, not just the special pieces. When I determined I couldn’t separate my entrepreneurial efforts from my philanthropic leanings, I knew it would be crucial to my business to give back with each sale. 10% of net proceeds for all sales goes back to a charity. One of my primary philanthropic focuses continues to be the fight against human trafficking and the sex slave trade, both domestically and globally. 

Wine to Water Bracelet (Spring 2019)

Supporting Wine to Water as we approach the holiday season

Earlier this year, I knew I wanted to make a concerted effort to support Wine to Water. I wrote about why the organization matters so much to me and why increasing safe drinking water remains a crucial global issue. Working to bring awareness and financial support to such a quality charity organization brings me joy. (And hopefully brings Wine to Water additional support!)

This fall, I designed three necklaces and one bracelet specifically for Wine to Water. For these pieces, 50% of each sale goes directly back to W2W. The price range for the pieces is from $100 to $500, because I want everyone to be able to find a piece that fits their aesthetic and their budget. The designs feature red stones, making them lovely options for both fall fashion and holiday gifts.

sneak peek of the 2019 Wine to Water Necklace

I can’t wait to share the finalized designs with you on November 1!  Each of the pieces will be available until December 31, 2019, so don’t miss the opportunity to support an organization providing global health and wellness. 

Causes and charities close to my heart

To learn more about causes I support personally, feel free to check out what I've written about: 

How do you incorporate philanthropy into your life philosophy?

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